the ROULEUR Phase 4

the ROULEUR Phase 4

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This program is not for everyone. 

This is a concurrent - 6 sessions (4 Strength / 2 Cardio) per week - 12 week program.

The Strength aspect focusses on Olympic Lifting, Power and Max Strength and the 4 phases undulate through - ACC1 78% - INT1 90% - ACC2 80% - INT2 94% - With an average intensity of 85% of the 12 weeks. 

The cardio aspect focusses on Sprinting and Anaerobic fitness.

The program also includes: 

 -Recovery guidance - train hard, recover harder. If you want to get the most out of your training sessions you need to make recovery a priority.

-Data analysis tips - if you, like me, record health data such as heart rate and HRV I will provide tips on what data is worth tracking and how to use it to your advantage.


After making a one off payment, the plan will be emailed over to you for you to start as and when you’re ready.