Athlete Testimonials


This is

Getting ready for this competition was probably my hardest build up yet. Moving house,  youngest son going for surgery and facing an Educational Tribunal took its toll.

Stress factors were high and to an extent there wasn’t much I could do about that. Which was why everything that I did have control over needed to be dialled in.

As always Dan was there to be accountable to. I need this, as in my opinion does every athlete. He keeps me focused to change the things I have control over and improve the others where I can.

Eat well, walk a little more, get my hours of sleep in and just breathe!! I’ve been in a tough place mentally over the last few months and alongside his extensive nutritional knowledge is a side of Dan that helps me through these issues.

He knows when to push, he knows when to motivate, but most of all he knows when to listen and adapts his style of mentoring appropriately! I was convinced during the last week build up to this comp I wouldn’t lose the weight.

He was there everyday, tweaking what we needed to, ensuring I made weight to under 52. Believe me when you only weigh 53kg, day to day every gram counts. The process needs to be accurate.

I know that Dan is always there, no  matter how stupid the question or how much I’m having a flapping moment. Weight dropped perfectly, no loss in strength and rewarded with PB’s on squat, bench and deadlift along with an equipped bench press British record.

Even checking in with me the evening before and the morning of the comp to ensure I was the best I could be. Two statements from Dan always stay with me everyday. “Believe in the process” and “be the best you can be” Thank you Dan for what you do! Now to build for the next one!!



This is Joel - Boxer - English Light Heavyweight Champion.

I trained with Dan whilst preparing for my light heavyweight southern area title fight. It was the biggest fight of my career and I felt my strength and conditioning levels go through the roof. 

Dan is not only very knowledgeable in his field but also very open minded and seems to always be learning and trying to push the bar. 

Since then I have watched his work through Instagram and Facebook and his videos and workouts are always impressive and totally backed up by solid science. I'd definitely recommend him as a coach to anyone looking to seriously step their game up!



This is Sam - Wigan Athletic Captain and Egyptian International Footballer.

Working with Dan this summer gave me a great platform for the 2019-20 campaign.

Dan was very thorough and meticulous in approach as to how a off season plan should be to get me physically right for pre season.

He was extremely flexible in approach as we were training around Ramadan which I appreciated a lot, it was a pleasure to work with Dan and he helped me go back into pre season in great shape



When I work with athletes I look for a certain mindset. One that isn’t satisfied with average. Katie epitomises this. I was hugely proud of her performance this weekend but also massively impressed with her general demeanour and attitude so far this year.

She’s been a model athlete and it’s been a pleasure to be on the journey with her. 

This weekend she was calm, composed, focussed and most of all professional AF. It’s gonna be another awesome ride.

Katie’s @coachedbykatie words.

It's my second competitive season in Strong Woman and being coached by Dan.

If you'd have told me 2 years ago I'd be 2x England's Strongest Natural Woman and competed in a British and World Final (top 3 placings) in my first 2 years of the sport, I wouldn't have dared to dream that big.

Enter Dan. His experience, leadership and expertise has taken me from strength to strength. Being from a competitive background himself I have great trust in him. His own experience in the sport ensures I have a competitive edge as an athlete. He listens to my feedback, works with me and not against me, helps me keep my head cool and is honest with me when I need it most.

I couldn't have dreamt of a better start to the competitive season than retaining England's Strongest Natural Woman.



This is Tommy - @tc_strength.

Just wanted to shout out my boy, @coachdanreeve for his help in my 2nd successful British title defence.

I've managed to coach myself to 2 wins but this year was the first year I'd been full time with online coaching and personal training. I didn't want to prioritise my own training over my clients, yet at the same time I didn't want this final to take a back seat. I wanted this #3peat more than anything.

I knew Dan was exactly the person I needed to get help from. Not only a good friend, and all round great guy, but we've competed at world level together, so he knows my strengths and weaknesses.

From the moment I called Dan (10 weeks out) to the morning of the competition, he was right there. This was easily the least stressful prep I've ever had. Don't get me wrong though, it was HARD. We put in work!.

Dan pushed me to the limits. But he didn't break me. Weight and diet was spot on. Conditioning was amazing (especially in the heat on Saturday), and in the final 3 weeks I was hitting PBs in nearly all my events.

I cannot fault this prep, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing Reevo soon for a drink or two! Thank you, bro!



This is Byron - Striker for Barrow FC.

Dan's coaching sessions have helped me to build not just muscle mass and endurance but confidence in myself as an athlete. 

I am impressed with the speed at which Dan assisted me in achieving greater flexibility and stamina.

His comprehensive and bespoke approach to health, wellbeing and fitness enhanced my experience and has meant I was able to achieve my personal targets and go into the season at full speed and strong.



Super mum strikes again.

Over the weekend @asha_lifts_ competed against athletes from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Great Britain in the annual GPC Push/Pull competition.

There were 289 athletes taking part across 12 locations around the globe.

With 2 more equal or comp PBs at u52kg, she came away with the win in her class and the GPC 4 Nations Championship.

It’s hard managing a young family, work life and training at the best of times but add in the run up to a busy Christmas period and it really shows the relentlessness of this young women.

Great work mate, now time for a well deserved rest before we go again and begin working on our weakness to come back even better next time.



This is Cam - @theholisticstrongman.

I’ve known Reevo and had been viewing his own athletic endeavors and coaching from a far for quite some time so it was great to finally team up for my prep into Arnold’s Ohio 2020 world championship.

I felt really comfortable working with him as he is multi sport athlete like myself and has a high level, hands on knowledge of strongman and so he understood the competition's events and programmed really effectively according to my weekly schedule.

Reevo has great customer service and is really prompt, which considering we are on opposite sides of the world is terrific. I sustained a minor injury a few weeks in and he was right there to tweak the program and kept a really close eye on me and my recovery which was a great reassurance.

He hammered on about trusting the process and the proof was in the pudding as I was able to hit some big PRs quite late into the prep and while in a significant calorie deficit which was awesome and gave me great confidence leading into the comp.

Coming into peak week he went into hyper care mode where he was chasing me down daily for training feedback, body weight updates, planting little mental seeds and brainstorming strategy, right through to the comp where he was checking during my weight cut and refeed and in between events which must have been at some odd hours of the night for him.

You can tell he is really invested in his athletes and lives vicariously through them and enjoys seeing them work through the process and achieve their goals. He knows what it takes to perform at a high level as he’s been there before and he knows how to ensure his athletes deliver on the competition platform.

This was my best performance at a world championship and I couldn’t have been happier with my podium finish and Reevo was a great help in making that happen.



This is Lauren - Para-Triathlete - Paralympic Silver Medalist  - 2 time World Champion.

I worked with Dan in the lead up to Rio Paralympic Games, he is excellent at encouraging people to push their boundaries, explore new methods but still learn at the same time. 

Dan is a great role model as he is precise in almost everything he does and he taught me small things that helped the larger things fall into place!

Apart from being a great coach throughout my personal sessions, we spoke about skin folds, nutrition, body fat percentage and psych, to help put me in the best position possible for Rio.