ROULEUR [roo - ler] - A rider with strength and style who goes hard on all terrain

I haven’t been as excited about any project I’ve been involved in as much as I have this.
Let’s be clear - this isn’t only a cycling program.

THE ROULEUR Program epitomises everything I stand for.

We want it all.

 To lift heavy. To sprint. To ride. To jump. To climb mountains. To swim. To be powerful. To throw. To look good. To compete. To go longer than ever before.

And to do it all with RELENTLESS CONSISTENCY, PRECISE PROGRAMMING and most importantly STYLE. 

For THE ROULEUR - nothing is impossible.

 the Rouleur program was written off the back of 20+ years of experience and education in the fitness world.

And off competing as a professional, elite world level athlete across multiple sports.

Whether it be football, cycling, ironman or strongman I have always stuck to the principles of strength and conditioning and kept an underlying athleticism in my training.
To stay athletic for life we have to implement athletic training into our workouts.
- Lifting lighter weights faster or using accommodating resistance (chains or bands) for acceleration.
- Jumps, hops, bounds, in different directions and combining them.
- Throws, slams, toss different stuff in different directions.
- Sprinting, starting, stopping, reacting, shadowing.

- To name a few.......

Any combination of the above (and more) is included in ROULEUR phases.


The Rouleur has 4 separate Macrocycles (12 week training blocks) to purchase.

A years worth of periodised programming covering every aspect of athleticism.

Broken into 4 Mesocycles (3 week phases) with 6 sessions per Microcycle (week).

These programs are not for everyone.

That’s the point.

Rouleurs expect more in life.

They demand more of themselves and all those around them.